Cheap Hosting in Spanish – Comparison to find the best cheap and Low Cost hosting of wordpress and other CMS

If you need to buy a hosting then you have the comparative table as a summary of the study that has been done on  cheap hosting in Spanish . We want to help you choose what would be the best Spanish hosting for you that suits what you need, because it is not the same to want to set up a personal blog as a business on the Internet.

Click on the photo of the accommodation you want to know more information and get cheap Hosting in Spanish to directly to the website of the economic hosting:

We start from the base that you know is a hosting. So we have developed this comparator to find out the best Spanish hosting  based on our own experience and that of our customers, from which we constantly receive feedback.

Are you looking for a web hosting service in Spanish for a CMS like WordPress? Then you have hit upon entering here. What we are going to tell you is our own experiences in this world, since over the years we have tested dozens of accommodations for our blog and for our clients, some of which we liked and others not.

In the table above we have offered several alternatives to which you can access to buy a cheap hosting to get more information by clicking on your photo or in the following list:

  • Webecompany
  • Hostgator
  • iPage
  • GoDaddy
  • 1 & 1
  • Cybernetics
  • Hostinger
  • Arsys

We want to clarify many concepts of domains, server, web pages, create a blog, security, support, wordpress, mail services and data storage services. It must be said that with all these hontings you can also hire your domains, something very comfortable.

What is a cheap hosting?

cheap hosting in Spanish or web hosting service is a server that rents some space to host websites like a blog or a content portal that can then be found on the Internet.

When someone hires an economic hosting service from  wordpress or another CMS, they can store all or part of their website, but there are also other types such as hosting images or videos.

If you want to know what a cheap hosting is, you could say that it is a hosting that should have a price of no more than 6 euros per month in 2015 and 2016 and the quality of its very good hosting service. And to be really cheap should give you the domain where you will point your website.

Cheap Hosting in Spanish

The best Spanish hosting What should you have for a new client?

The most important question is usually whether a free or paid web hosting service should be chosen on the Internet . For anyone who has developed a serious business project the answer is very simple, the payment servers offer many more features and security than the free ones.

Free options are the most common among people who want a website for fun and do not worry that the load of the web is slow or show ads quite annoying at times.

On the other hand little by little new platforms are emerging with which to develop a website easily and simply but with professional results such as WordPress , a CMS spread throughout the world and with which you can design your website without just knowledge of computer science

The best cheap hosting in Spain should have a very large or unlimited disk space , so you do not have to pay more money to expand the space if you lack at some point because you have consumed it by uploading many photos or videos.

Another important point of the Spanish economic hosting are the applications that can be installed in a single click and add many features to your Cheap Hosting in Spanish . For example, many times it is possible to install a firewall, an antivirus or a CMS like Prestashop or Joomla in a few simple steps.

In the administration panel, several statistics can come as standard, such as CPU, hard disk occupancy or the number of http requests on your site.

When you buy a hosting your  data plan to be beneficial you must have unlimited data transfer throughout the billing month. So that people can enter your blog as many times as they want and download all the files they need.

The plan of the service that you hire must necessarily have to be the best Spanish hosting two features for your blog to work, those two things are:

  • Support for PHP server (which supports the latest version).
  • The contracted service must have at least one database connected to the server.
  • Free domain the first year

Other characteristics that must be assessed are:

  • Security management on the client server on the Internet
  • Configuration of the DNS, whois and anycast of the domains
  • Possibility of dedicated server or VPS
  • Free transfer of your website from the current economic hosting to the cheap hosting you want to hire

At the beginning of the post you have a comparative table to buy a Spanish wordpress hosting that we consider the most remarkable in the market but we are clear that the best service makes this blog is webe company that is specialized in wordpress and with which we have contracted many plans of hosting for most of our clients’ projects.

I advise you to look for more information about webempresa , for example in google, and you will see that it is a hosting with very good consideration and an incredibly good and very personalized support, which stands out above the rest. The speed of the hosted websites is great and you can check it with tools like pingdom tools. The base monthly price is around 6 euros and there are many plans to choose from.

What services should you require when buying a Spanish hosting on the Internet?

Buying a cheap hosting is the first step to create an online business. You should know that in the first place the support offered by our web hosting company is very important. In our case we are interested in being a support in Spanish and, if possible, 24 hours a day, both by phone and by email.

Also when hiring a professional web hosting we must also take into account that it has a backup service in case any problem occurs, so that all data is not lost.

An  economic web hosting  of wordpress in 2015 and 2016 is one that offers good benefits in exchange for little money each month and gives us the possibility of hiring wordpress economic hosting during different periods, from 6 months to 3 years.

Like any server a cheap hosting  has a certain amount of space to put your files, but in the services you hire it is interesting to offer unlimited space without conditions, so you can upload photos and videos without problem.

The cpanel interface  of Internet servers that is the most widespread in the world  of Internet hosting service and should be offered by a good cheap hosting in Spanish but with any other interface you can also carry out your website, even if something more complicated than using cpanel which is the standard.

The best Spanish hosting should have cpanel, unlimited space and unlimited monthly data transfer, which webecompany meets in all cases except the unlimited space, a problem that in my opinion is only if you are going to create a site or company with a lot content of data and videos, for example a blog with the best free games to download.

Service of mail accounts of a cheap hosting

We started the article with a question as simple as it is a hosting and now we will continue with something very basic.

You have noticed that many Internet websites have a contact email like hello@nameofdomain.com, that is done for free with the managers and email accounts of your cheap hosting service in Spain. You just have to configure it according to the tutorials that it offers you and in them and its ease of use in our opinion is one of the important points to be the best Spanish hosting.

You can make unlimited accounts as a general rule and free on the server, so you can create all the emails you want with the extension of your domain and you will not need a few days, or hours, this is configured very fast without having to a great domain in the matter.

Types of hosting servers when buying cheap hosting by the client

There are 3 types of economic hosting servers:

  1. Shared servers : These are the servers in which several clients and domains are hosted, sharing among all the features of the machine on which the operating system and your website run.
  2. Dedicated servers : They are machines in which only your files are stored in your space, one of the advantages is that the performance is much better and all the technical characteristics are willingly available. It is more complicated to configure and a larger domain is needed, but it is more efficient than the VPS and shared.
  3. Virtual private servers or VPS : It is a physical machine divided into several independent virtuals. As the hardware is shared, the price is much lower than the dedicated one.

It is also important when buying a hosting RAM and hard disk (preferably SSD) that servers have if you want to have wordpress on them. Always try to read the fine print and keep in mind the technical specifications whenever you are going to hire the best Spanish hosting .

Steps to buy the best Spanish hosting in 2015 and 2016

Read carefully this comparative web hosting , enter each of the options that we propose and compare which is the option that best suits your possibilities.

Our advice is that if you want to start a professional or serious online business try to try cheap hosting  and in no case free, because they have many technical limitations that make the success of a project of this style difficult.

We recommend you to try webempresa .

Best Web hosting company

Information you need to know to hire a cheap and cheap hosting service

If you are not an expert in the topic of web servers and economic hosting it is interesting that when making the management of the domain the interface of administration of the web space is friendly and intuitive. Try to read reviews before hiring a cheap web hosting and start creating web pages and design your website with either WordPress or another CMS.

Buying a Spanish hosting is a difficult task if you do not have a web hosting comparator like the one on our site. Search, try and compare until you find the economic hosting that interests you.

Which plan is the most convenient for me in a good cheap hosting service?

The basic parameters that you should evaluate of any economic hosting plan to be able to classify it as the best Spanish hosting are:

  • Data traffic
  • Prices of hosting plans
  • Disk space and disk quality
  • Number of email accounts
  • Free domains the first year

This way you are assuring that contracting the plan of the best Spanish hosting is just what you need because in some cases if you make a mistake it is not easy for you to get your money back.

Always bear in mind the price. If you find one that costs less than 5 euros per month and its quality is optimal you can give thanks because I’ll tell you one thing, it is always advisable to pay something more for a guarantee service that can ruin your business.

A cheap hosting that offers you one or several free domains when hiring your service is a great plus and one of the biggest advantages that you have to value because the contracting of domains is around 12 euros each per year and thus if buy a hosting is Spain you give them away you can save a lot of money.

What can be done in the best Spanish hosting with wordpress?

The main thing you can do is create a free blog with wordpress in a quick, simple and professional way in just a few minutes, besides the cost is free or very reduced depending on whether you download free or paid plugins.

You must buy a hosting and then when you have your site you must buy a domain or several domains that are pointing to your accommodation so that your readers can easily remember your domain with your web.

Most wordpress hosting lets you install wordpress automatically in a single click, so a simple web could have it the same day they give you the hosting.

Our opinion is that the best hostings have been webempresa and hostgator, for the quality of the server, for its support and price respectively.

In this article we wanted to go from the basics of knowing what a hosting is until comparing the essentials and domain information. We hope that we have solved part of your doubts and you can choose well not only a cheap hosting but the best Spanish economic hosting  of the year 2015 and that adapts to what you need. If you still have questions, you can ask us anything you want in our contact form on this website or on social networks such as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Thanks for reading.