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Speaking of Godaddy is talking about one of the best known hosting companies worldwide. It is undoubtedly a reference in terms of cheap One Dollar web hosting because it has good prices and many years of experience in the sector.

More Info of GoDaddy

If you are considering hiring a hosting service or domain name registration with GoDaddy , we recommend that you read this analysis carefully. In it we will deal with the following points:

  • Technical characteristics
  • Price of your plans
  • Performance and speed
  • Technical support
  • Hosting security
  • Easy to use

Godaddy has been in the business of cheap hosting and domain registration for almost 20 years. Its beginnings were rapid, driven by a major marketing and advertising campaign in various media to become the largest website hosting company in the world.

Some interesting facts for you to realize the magnitude of this company are the following:

It was founded in 1997 and currently has more than 3,300 employees and its storage centers are in the United States and India. Currently, it is the company with the largest number of clients, reaching more than 12,000 million worldwide.

What can we hire?

  • Domain name registration
  • Cheap hosting or hosting plans

What can we hire?

  • Domain name registration
  • Cheap hosting or hosting plans

Technical characteristics of the GoDaddy hodding

Location of the servers

From the point of view of SEO (search engine optimization techniques), the location of your hosting servers is important, since the closer a server is located to the majority of your visitors, the faster the loading of your website  or website will be. the pages of your blog that is an important factor when ranking in Google.

Since GoDaddy is such a cheap hosting company, it has servers spread all over the world. The main centers are located in the United States, Europe (there are several of them in Spain) and Asia . This is a great advantage since your site will always be close to most visitors.

Speed ​​of your site

Surely the test of hosting performance in which Go Daddy takes more note is in the speed of serving a web page. It has a programmed acceleratorthat improves performance and allows data to be delivered much faster than the competition.


You can choose between Linux (managed panel with cPanel) or Windows (controlled with Plesk) . You can choose the OS to your liking. With GoDaddy you have the certainty that you will have control of your site will be available 99.9% .


To ensure the protection of the websites you have hosted has an  anti-hacker monitoring and control system and also has the possibility of hiring an anti-malware software to avoid dangerous code and corrupted programs.


If you are not an expert in programming with GoDaddy you will be able to have your site ready in a few seconds from your administration panel as a client thanks to the CMS that you have available. You can configure the most popular content managers without problems in your account.

The list of them is:

  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • Magento

You also have a large number of templates, applications and tools that will make your life much easier by being easy to install and configure that will enhance the features of your website that you have hosted on GoDaddy.

As an additional gift you have an FTP client to facilitate the administration of files, upload or download documents to your web space and much more.

Accommodation plans

Web Hosting

These are the 3 plans and their price that you have to consider currently as a GoDaddy client:

Economic € 6.04 / month Deluxe € 8.46 / month Ultimate € 12.09 / month
1 Website or blog 
100 GB of storage 
Unlimited bandwidth 
100 email addresses 
Free domain name with the annual plan
Unlimited websitesUnlimited storageUnlimited bandwidth500 email addressesFree domain with the annual plan Unlimited websitesUnlimited data storage on SSDsUnlimited bandwidth1,000 email addressesFree domain with the annual planProcessing and duplicate memoryDNS PremiumSSL Certificate

WordPress Hosting

As for the optimized plans for WordPress Go Daddy hosting and its price we can say that they are:

Basic € 4.83 / month Deluxe 7.25 € / month Ultimate € 10.88 / month Developer € 18.14 / month
1 website or blog10 GB of SSD storage25,000 visitors per monthAccess to SFTPFree domain name 1 website15 GB of SSD storage100,000 visitors per monthSSH / SFTP accessFree domainSite preparation with one click 2 websites30 GB of storage400,000 visitors per monthSSH / SFTP accessFree domainSite preparation with one clickSearch engine optimization for 2 sitesSSL Certificate 1: 5 websites50 GB of storage data800,000 visitors per monthSSH / SFTP accessFree domainSite preparation with one clickCertificate 1 SSL

Dedicated IP (not dedicated hosting)

Special service for clients with businesses in need of high performance. From the hosting they offer you a dedicated Internet IP and that you do not share with any other hosting server .

This way you have much more control over your site . For example, when you have changed your DNS and are in propagation by having the dedicated IP, you can access your site.

Customer service in Spanish

One of the most valued services of a hosting company and domains is their support service when we have a problem with our hosting. The problem is that with other hostings it is in English and communication is difficult.

Well, in GoDaddy customer service has been improving a lot over the last few months as it is now completely in Spanish and the means of communication to receive help are very varied:

  1. Through the telephone we can expose our doubts and questions to those responsible for the technical service of GoDaddy. It is a quick way to solve problems because the waiting time is usually very short.
  2. Through a contact form on the Internet we can request online assistance from our account. This form shows the average waiting time for us to be attended by your staff.
  3. In addition there are many tutorials on its website where the most frequent doubts and user manuals are exposed with the main features of the accommodation.
  4. Through their social networks you can ask them as many questions about your accommodation as you think appropriate.
  5. There are online support forums and a blog with solutions for all types of users, from offering help to beginners to advanced users.

You should know that the hours of service are uninterrupted 24 hours a day every day of the week, therefore it is a very complete service and offers to 42 countries where it is present.

Increasingly bundling products into introductory offers. Making it easy to attach & use core products leads to healthy renewal rates. $ GDDY

– GoDaddy (@GoDaddy) November 4, 2015

Conclusions of the cheap hosting Godaddy

If you are looking for a cheap hosting and have your interface in Spanish as a future client, Godaddy is undoubtedly one of the best options. Their plans are very cheap and the interface they use is cPanel, the most standardized among the hosting services.

A great advantage that we liked a lot is that you will be able to try their services for 45 days in which you do not commit to anything and if you see that you do not like your money back without questions, it’s that simple.

In principle GoDaddy is not the best option for a CMS like WordPress but it is a good cheap web hosting in Spanish to create a blog or a small business or shop.

How long do I contract it?

Hire the hosting for at least one year. The main reason refers to Internet SEO, the longer the time of registration of a domain name and hosting Google will better assess your website and rank better, having more visits.

I hope you now have a clearer idea of ​​whether or not you should hire a hosting service with GoDaddy that you can try in a simple way and create an account now . You are the one who must evaluate if it is necessary to start the entrance in this accommodation that we want to recommend you for its characteristics. For more information you can contact us through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter or with the contact form and we will try to answer as soon as possible.

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