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Hostgator Hosting – Comparison, Prices & Offers

Hostgator is one of the best hostings in the web hosting market . It is a company that has become famous in recent years due to its low prices and the quality of accommodation.

HostGator Analysis

Hostgator is a very popular cheap web hosting company due to the high quality of its services and the competitive prices. For example if we want to have our website on their servers it will cost us around 5 euros per month for hosting plans for 3 years.

Hostgator’s hosting  is very popular with all webmasters, because of its reputation and because the performance of your website will be very good with them. No doubt to Hostgator Coupon Code this is one of the best options.

Another great advantage is the ease with which you can set up your blog or online business. In a few minutes you can install the most popular CMS, such as WordPress (thanks to the Quickinstall online tool) Drupal and Joomla. You do not have to have programming knowledge, just install and you can start writing the contents of your site.

If you want to have your online store Hostgator has programs that provide all the eCommerce features so you can start selling as soon as possible. You will have a website with shopping cart and several payment options in a few moments.

And another of the great advantages is that hostgator works with the cpanel interface, the best and most standardized tool to manage the administration of your site hosted on the servers.

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In addition hostgator also allows you to register with them the domains you want to link them to your website easily, quickly and in a very short time. You can make a test of if your domain is free in this link .

They offer a very good service and for users who want to start a blog in Spanish with them or set up an online store they are highly recommended.

Technical Characteristics of Hosting

Cheap web hosting services:

The space of the hard disks of the servers is one of the strong points of Hostgator since the company of the crocodile offers all the space that you need without any restriction.

The same happens with the bandwidth they offer which is unlimited . This means that you can have as many visitors as you want without any traffic problems, both up and down.

And if that were not enough, all this plus you have as many free email addresses as you want. You can have,,, etc.

Another of the facilities offered by Hostgator are the thousands of templates available to give an appearance of your liking to all the CMS that you can install from your administration panel (such as WordPress for example), which as we said before is from type cpanel .

One last big advantage is that your plans are multidomain which will save you a lot of money. This means that you can install all the websites you want in a single cheap web hosting plan . In many other cheap hosting that offer many good things have the negative part that if you intend to have 10 websites you have to hire 10 hosting plans, so the price is exponential with the number of websites.

In contrast with hostgator you will only have to buy hosting only once.

The server they use is top quality so the speed of the site is assured, there are no problems due to traffic spikes that can occur with other cheap hostings.

HostGator Reviews

Our most sincere opinion is that hostgator is a cheap web hosting recommended and offers excellent guarantees. Its operation is simple and with very good tools that facilitate the start-up of our website.

Hostgator is oriented towards the most popular CMS such as WordPress , Joomla or Prestahop among others.

On the other hand the support of this hosting is good and fast, you can get in touch with them both by email and by chat.

The interface is clear and is in Spanish which is a very important point to consider. On the other hand, other options such as frequently asked questions, tutorials or corporate information are in English and it is necessary to have basic notions of this language to be able to perform well with this hosting.

But the important thing is that you are comfortable with your cheap accommodation and for this there is no other option to try every so often to compare and finally choose with all the well thought out ideas.

In conclusion we can say that HostGator has the necessary features to create a quality professional website and have an impeccable Internet presence. If you are an advanced user, you will not have a problem with the latest version of cPanel, but if you are just starting out, I recommend watching tutorials on YouTube about that panel.

We do not know if hostgator is the best cheap hosting for a website but it is one of the best without doubt and has been awarded in 2014 and 2015 in recognition of its benefits. It is the leader among Spanish SMEs for its quality, performance and time of availability of the web, because its servers almost never fall.

Plans Offered by Hostgator in your Web Hosting

Hostgator currently has 3 plans that adapt to the needs of its clients:

  • Hatchling Plan
  • Baby Plan
  • Business Plan

All come cpanel and offer a great service that we can summarize in:

Hatchling Plan

The Hatchling hosting plan for your website and your other projects is the cheapest of the 3 available for Hostgator and is the ideal place to start in the world of website creation.

This type of plan allows us to host 1 domain on your servers, so it is indicated if you just want to set up a website. The price difference is small but if you are clear that you do not want to create many websites then it is the ideal plan.

Baby plan

The main difference of this plan with the previous one is that it allows you to host multiple websites at the same time without having to pay any supplement and with all the possibilities of a professional hosting.

The Baby Plan is one of the most popular of the Hostgator customers and works well for sites with a large amount of traffic.

Business plan

The Business Plan is what companies and freelancers who want to start a business on the Internet need.

This plan offers a dedicated IP and SSL. It is somewhat more expensive but you also have the possibility of having a free phone (for example to offer technical support) and anonymous FTP.

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